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To cooperate with national education policy and social needs, the Department of Accounting and Statistics was established in July 1969, divided into two groups, accounting and statistics. At this time there was only one class with students from sociological backgrounds. In 1973, in order to strengthen specialist training, the department was split into two different departments, “Department of Accounting” and “Department of Statistics.” In 1990, the number of classes was increased to two, with 120 students enrolled each year.

In 1991, for the first time students were enrolled from science backgrounds.

From 1995 to the present, once again students from sociological backgrounds have been enrolled.

In order to conform to the department's development direction, in August of 2001 the Department of Statistics was renamed to “Department of Statistics and Information Science”. On completion of the department’s requirements, students are awarded a degree of “Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.).


1. The department’s objective is to train professional talent along with academic talent for tutoring. Therefore, not only will professional training be taken seriously, but also, learning to be competent in expression, communication, self-study and team cooperation skills will be trained as well.

2. The department’s main objective for training is “statistics and management integration”. Teaching aspects, however, emphasize “learning while working” and regard the close integration of theory and practice as a focal point for fostering development skills for management policy makers.

3. The department encourages students to take part in every collaborative project available so that students can utilize theory and apply it to analyzing practical/applied/real affairs.  

learning while working