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Policy-decision administrators within all professions regard the existence of enterprise as an important role. The department trains student’s ability to integrate Statistics and Administration Policy, causing them to possess policy- decision skills. These skills and professional coordination will immediately bring into play policy-decision capabilities that can be applied to any area. Because students come from different specialized fields of work, mutual discussion between students can expand their field of vision and foster professional skills within multiple areas.

 After graduation, students spread into various professions within manufacturing and service industries, finance, science and technology, government organizations, etc. and engage in all types of statistical analysis, market selling research, finance risk calculation, quality management, public sanitation management, insurance, etc.


During one’s study time and after graduation, students within their field of choice will have developed much more and students within fields related to their career will be easily subjected to promotion. All in all, after graduation students will possess professional skills that will allow them to advance their career whether it be in a related or unrelated profession.

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