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Department Transfer Exam
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  1. Application Regulations
    (I) According to the school regulations, freshman students must achieve more than 60% in their first semester grades in Chinese and English. Sophomore students must hand in an original report card of all previous years. Students also need to have the approval of a guardian, and then they may choose a department, and apply to transfer. Students need to fill in the application forms, and during office hours go to the registration office along with their student ID cards and grade report cards. If the procedure isn’t completed or they have exceeded the time limit, the University cannot accept their application.

    (II) For students wishing to transfer to different groups within the same department, procedure is the same as the Department Transfer procedure.

    (III) For students wishing to transfer from nighttime classes to daytime classes, procedure is the same as the Department Transfer procedure. (Before registration, Students first have to consult with the nighttime administration office, then apply at the daytime office, please complete this early).

    (IV) For junior students or above, the department should be related to the one they want to transfer to, or else they have minored in the department that they want to transfer to. Each department will decide if the other department is related closely enough or not.

    (V) For other rules, please refer to the School Regulations, Chapter Five.
  2. Application time: According to the school schedule, around April and May every year. 
  3. Testing subjects:
    1. Written examination: High school Mathematics or Calculus. (Students who have taken Calculus courses cannot choose High school Mathematics.) 2. Oral examination
  4. Enrollment quota - Separately announced. 
  5. Note
    1. Students who have successfully transferred from other departments cannot transfer back for any reasons. Please consider carefully in advance.
    2. Enrollment quota and examination time will be separately announced.