Fu Jen Cartholic University Department of Statistics and Information Science -Admissions
Double Majors
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  1. Applicant Qualifications:
    (i) Freshman, sophomore and junior students, if their former semester grades are in the top 60% of their class, they can apply. Please refer to the class-ranking list in the department office.
    (ii) Students cannot simultaneously apply for multiple majors, otherwise the application will be cancelled.
    (iii) For related regulations, please refer to the student handbook " double majors " and its rules of procedure. 
  2. Application Procedure:
    (i) Application period is around May every year.
    (ii) During the application period, students should go to the department office and get a “double major” application form, and fill in related information. The form needs to be signed by the Dean of the department before the deadline. The department that you are going to double major in will evaluate the form. 
  3. Required Material:
    The applicant needs to attach an original report card of all previous years.
  4. Enrollment Quota:
    Announced according to the Fu Jen University school administration office.
  5. Note:
    (i) No limitations for any department.
    (ii) Once the application is accepted, the student needs to get a “student guidelines” from the department office.